Who Am I



I’m Karin Prince and I am a trainer and coach and of course, just like all of us, so much more than that…

I have gained My professional experiences in many diverse professional fields.

I have seen how much talent and potential is present in every organisation, and how, through proper communication and sufficient connection between people in an organisation, individuals use their highest talents based on intrinsic motivation.

Unfortunately, too often I also see untapped talent, too little awareness, a lack of connection, inspiration, vision and leadership.

This has motivated me to develop training and coaching to improve communication and connection, which engenders a culture of continued growth  within organisations and people. And I have done this now successfully for several years and with a lot of personal and professional pride and satisfaction.

You will soon discover that key Character Traits of mine are humor, energy, perspective and professionalism.

For more detailed information please visit my LinkedIn profile.