Team Coaching

Coaching Description

Leading from one step behind.

Why Team Coaching?

You never want in an organization people who say, “I find my work quite nice.”

You want employees who say that their work fills them and gives satisfaction. This creates energy that leads to an increase in personal effectiveness and productivity.

The success of organisations is largely determined by the capacity of the team to understand their own functioning and the ability to self direct.

This is what makes Team Coaching so important and so successful!

What and How:

During the training, team members are challenged to look at their own performance within the group. Under expert guidance, hidden frustrations are revealed and expressed, and are resolved in an open and supportive environment.

We look at what works so that we can do more of it, and we look closely at what can be improved to strengthen the team, the person and the corporation.

The focus shifts from the differences in personality, to the common goals of the team.

During the intake we will tailor a customised solution for you, to deliver your desired results for the team training.

These are definitely the results of the training:

  • Have team members better understand each other’s personality
  • Better understanding of the behavior of others
  • Team members can adapt their behavior and communication to others, and easily resolve any mutual frustrations
  • Each participant will have a clear understanding of his/her role in the team
  • There is improved communication among teammembers
  • They are more aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • Team members will think about solutions rather than problems
  • Team members learn how to use each other’s skills and talents to achieve common goals
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I experienced Karin as a real inspiration. It has made me think about myself and about my company. Karin is an open, honest and direct coach / trainer, whom in a respectful way, has made me elevate my thinking about myself and my company to a higher level. Thanks Karin, I have taken steps that I otherwise would not have dared. - Ann Verlinden (Eigenaar