I have had a very rewarding and enjoyable experience during the two days of training with Karin. Along with the enthusiasm Karin brings the group, she takes you into her everyday experiences with NLP.  She ensures that there is a positive and supportive atmosphere where participants feel confident and safe enough to undertake a critical examination of themselves.  Karin is a professional, knows what she is doing.

The combination of theory, practical examples and classroom interactivity was the perfect way to learn and experience the training. What I found especially valuable was how Karin described her theory in a simple way, connected with practical examples of the participants.

Solution Focused thinking leads you to explore different ideas and shows you views from different angles which widens your perspective.  This suits me much better.

Stijn van Hal
School Teacher
27 jaar


Princept Training

I did a training of 2 days under the inspiring leadership of Karin Prince. I experienced the supervision of Karin during this training as being very pleasant; I like it when the theory is supported by many practical examples and evidenced by personal experiences of a Professional Coach. The skills and tools delivered in the training are coupled with practical examples, making the training more meaningful, and therefore remembered better.

There were plenty of moments of “unconsciously competent” to “consciously competent”. The workshop with inspiring assignments ensures that you become aware of your own behaviors and patterns. You become aware of who you yourself take with you in everyday life, and how that affects your environment and your state of mind. You get a mirror held up that makes you understand yourself better.

Mark van Iersel,

Trainer and Coach, Sports and Education


Karin is a vibrant coach with passion. Her warmth, enthusiasm and purity are contagious. She masters the Solution Approach that she easily combines with NLP techniques. She is great with adults and juveniles alike. Karin is blessed with humor, so it’s never boring. I can heartily recommend Personal Coaching with Karin for anyone!

Dr Arnoud Huibers

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Utrecht



I experienced Karin as a real inspiration. It has made me think about myself and about my company. Karin is an open, honest and direct coach / trainer, whom in a respectful way, has made me elevate my thinking about myself and my company to a higher level.

Thanks Karin, I have taken steps that I otherwise would not have dared.

Ann Verlinden

Eigenaar www.infinio.be


For several months, every few weeks I attended a coaching session with Karin. The sessions have a simple but effective setting. In a relaxed way you work at your own pace to your own goal. In my case it was stopping my panic attacks. For no apparent reason I suffered occasional panic attacks that would be quite severe. In addition, I also sought help in finding a new path because I did not know what to do. On the basis of exercises, discussions and assignments to take home, they brought me to events from the past that I subconsciously still carried with me. Not only that, but Karin also knew how I could get away from here. After several conversations, I noticed great progress and even began reaching my goals. I chose a new study path, and my panic attacks never returned. By now I’m in the third year of my studies and am well on track to achieve my degree next year.

Max, 20 jaar



For me, a good trainer is someone who oversees the process happening in the group and inside the attending individuals, and also has integrated the theory herself optimally. During The NLP Practitioner training which I attended, I have closely experienced that  Karin mastered this extremely well. Her willingness to show her own vulnerability and the visual dose of love for her work, ensures that there is a warm contact between trainees and trainers. This allowed me to learn the best and could  fully enjoy the course group.

Archi van Rijen



Karin has taught me a lot in two different coaching. During these journeys I got a lot of insight and Karin helped me to get more out of myself.
Karin, Thank you

Martijn van Raaij
Sr Project Engineer at Oskomera Group.