Motivational teaching

Course Description

Alle Leren, Presteren en Veranderen is Stemmingsafhankelijk.

For students every day motivation is a challenge.

Transferring knowledge, paying attention to the student and continue to grow itself is not nothing. And yet there are many tools that you can use as a teacher to captivate the students always.

Tools that you do not learn in a teacher or from books. In this workshop you will learn how to use various learning styles.

You learn how to create a proper mood to increase the learning effect. And you get insights into how language is a tool to teach so inspiring and effective as possible.

Exercise is key.

For Whom:

This intensive course is designed for teachers who want to continue to grow and want to expand their skills.


At the end of this course, participants are able to:
• identify different learning styles and use them
• Use tools for creating the right mood
• Use a format for preparing inspiring lessons
• To apply basic techniques of solution-focused interviewing.


Course of one block of 2 days and 1 up day


Open session: 695 euro
In-company: 3,500 euros

Number of participants:

Open session: 10-30 participants
In-company: 10-30 participants