My Compass

Course Description

Alle Leren, Presteren en Veranderen is Stemmingsafhankelijk.

Learn how to better understand yourself, and understand why you do things and sometimes not. The choices we make define who we are and how we feel. But what is it that determines the choices we make? How can I be true to my values ​​and drive it as a source of energy? On the basis of practical examples, this workshop gives insight into the role of values and beliefs. A journey to your deeper self and your own energy sources.

For Whom:

For anyone, both in the context of work and private, who wants more insight into their own behaviors, who wants to reveal their most important values, ​​for the purpose of determining your own direction, flexibility and motivation.


At the end of this workshop participants will have:
• A clear overview of their own values ​​in specific contexts (work, social, etc), and how to discover these
• Insights where these values ​​come from, and how these can impact you both negatively and positively in different contexts
• A Personal Compass for the future


Session 1 day / 8 hours


Open session: 100 euros
In-Company: 1,500 euros

Number of participants:

Open session: 10-20 persons
In-Company: 10-20 people


Should be used as a foundation for developing your vision and mission with the “What suits me” and “Successfully lead a team” trainings.

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