NLP Practitioner Training

Course Description

Alle Leren, Presteren en Veranderen is Stemmingsafhankelijk.

Do you want to get more out of your life? Are you curious about how you can grow as a person, partner, friend, colleague … Do you want to learn how to look at the world and your surroundings in a different way? An NLP practitioner training gives you in-depth insights into yourself. You learn why you do what you always do, how to recognise your patterns, and how you can change that. This is a special and intensive training in which participants learn how to remove obstacles and to live their lives completely. You meet others and yourself with much respect, openness and trust.

For Whom:

Anyone who is interested in personal growth and wants to get the best out of themselves and life.


The result of this training is:

  • That you are better able to achieve your goals
  •  That you know how to make use of your own resources
  •  That you are able to create the right mood (State) for you
  •  That you have more control over your own behavior (learn how to push your own buttons)
  •  An increase in your communication skills
  •  That you have practical tools to recognise and break through your patterns. Or to reframe the question as: “I want to change but I do not know HOW”
  •  You will focus more on what you really want
  •  That you have insight into basic elements of NLP, Solution-oriented Work and Systemic Work
  •  And Much, Much More than can be named here….!


16 days training in blocks of 4 days


Surroundings of Den Bosch / Eindhoven


2225 euros

Number of participants:

Open session: 10-40 people


Can also be purchased as In-Company training.

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