Solution Focused approach

Course Description

Als iets werkt, doe er meer van. Als iets niet werkt, doe iets anders.

Constantly we have to find solutions to problems. These solutions often bring about a change. And changes often evoke resistance!

What if there were a way that causes a fast and pleasant way change? A way that is respectful and targeted results? This method comprises! For many years make teachers, coaches, managers and employees good use of this methodology.

Her name? : Solution Works.

In this practical introduction to Solution Works handles we extend to those organizations easily guide you through difficulties or times of change / uncertainty. We start from the positive in ourselves and others. Effectiveness and efficiency with respect for the environment are key! In this way, change is a challenge to approach positive!

For Whom:

For anyone who is interested in solution-oriented thinking and working. For those who are interested in practical, future-oriented, innovative and appropriate solutions.


At the end of this course, participants know:
• The steps that are necessary for a positive change
• The technique of Solution Focused works and how to apply them to yourself and / or business goals
• To communicate the opportunities more efficiently and with more respect for each other’s position.


2 days / 16 hours


Open session: 295 euros
In-company: 1950 euro

Number of participants:

Open session: 10-20 participants
Check company: 10-20 participants