Insights To Solution Focused Conversations

Course Description

Alle Leren, Presteren en Veranderen is Stemmingsafhankelijk.

This training will teach you a quick and positive way to motivate your team for your vision and goals.

There are always great demands placed on leaders. On a daily basis they are faced with the introduction of new visions, new business goals, reorganisation, it is the order of the day. It is up to the manager to get his / her employees ever get motivated again and move forward. This can be a daunting task. Often you encounter resistance from your team. You spend your time and energy convincing your employees, rather than to be able to focus your attention on achieving the end result.

Is this familiar? Do you already have the necessary skills, but you want to enhance them…. then this training is for you.
In this training you will learn communication techniques, to respond properly and with respect to any resistance, to convey your vision in a compelling way, and to keep the focus firmly on the end result.

Practical information

One-day training delivered in-company. The examples and practice exercises are tailored to your business. The target group for this training is Managers and Executives with at least 5 years experience leading teams.

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