Train The Trainer

Course Description

Alle Leren, Presteren en Veranderen is Stemmingsafhankelijk.

Too often companies are forced to use shortcuts for the sake of convenience. Employees are elevated to training roles, but they are not always equipped with the right tools required to effectively deliver the training.  You may have worked in your profession or department for years, but do you know how to teach this to someone in an efficient and inspiring way?

These employees are given new challenges and may stand for the class. But how to combine your knowledge of the product with the ability to transfer this knowledge in an inspiring way?

In this course, participants will receive knowledge of different learning styles. Also, they learn how to create the right learning state, to make use of rousing and motivational language in order to achieve the greatest possible long-term effect of the training. Practice is key!

For Whom:

Training sessions are designed for new and experienced trainers who wish to broaden their skills as an In-Company trainer.


At the end of this course, participants will know:
• The different learning styles and how to identify these
• The building blocks of a good training format, and they can use this
• The correct use of language as a means of motivation
• Multiple options on how to train with inspiration


Open session of 3 days / 24 hours


750 euros

Number of participants:

10-20 people


Nearby Den Bosch / Eindhoven


Can also be purchased as an in-company training.

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