Live Your Mission

Course Description

Als iets werkt, doe er meer van. Als iets niet werkt, doe iets anders.

Day after day, over and over again, there is a lot expected of you.  Sometimes these are things that do not really suit you.

And all too often there is so much going on that you can not remember who you are, or even and what you find important. The result is that you experience more stress, more anxiety, and indecision, and you don’t even feel comfortable in your own skin.

We look together at how to reintegrate back into your life, rediscover your values, and find out what is important to you. The result is that you will know what truly makes you happy, what you really desire to in your life, and how to achieve it.

For Whom:

This session is designed for those people who are seeking personal and professional development and growth.


open course of 3 days / 24 hours


At the end of this training you will:
• Understand your purpose in life
• Understand your own values and beliefs
• And you will leave with a personal compass with dates and milestones in place


Nearby Den Bosch / Eindhoven


595 euros per person
Number of participants:
6 -20 people


This training can also be customised, as well as delivered as an in-company course.  Please contact us here for Course Personalisations.

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