My Inner Drive

Course Description

Als iets werkt, doe er meer van. Als iets niet werkt, doe iets anders.

The role of leadership is becoming more demanding. It will be expected that you are authentic and you pursue business goals. Personal contribution and knowledge of your own motives and mission are indispensable for achieving personal balance and harmony within the organization. In this intensive session, we seek out your personal motives and how to use it best in your job as a manager.

For whom:

This course is for executives who want to get more out of themselves, who want leadership from an intrinsic motivation. In short, managers who want to merge their business role and their personal mission.



At the end of this session participants have an:

Understanding of the structure of communication, change and performance
Understanding their personal motivations
Understanding how to link personal motives and talents with business objectives
A Personal Action Plan


Activate company course of 2 days / 16 hours

4000 euro

Number of participants:
6 -20 people


If you are a Manager who is serious about achieving optimal results, this course should be combined with a subsequent coaching.

The combination with Live your mission gives a further deepening.

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