This Is How You Change

Course Description

Als iets werkt, doe er meer van. Als iets niet werkt, doe iets Wnders.

When experiencing growth and change in the current work context, individuals and teams are faced with changes and challenges, sometimes daily. For many people this is annoying and a source of extreme frustration.

Would you like to know the secret how to implement these changes in a positive way?

In this training, employees learn to focus on what does work, and how they can develop and grow further. We bring clarity in uncertain times and give structure to change.

For whom

This course and workshop is for teams and their immediate leadership facing change in the workplace.


At the end of this session participants have:

  • An understanding of the different steps of a change process
  • A joint mission created by all stakeholders
  • Clarity about their common mission
  • A team roadmap indicating the direction to the common mission
  • Tools and techniques to deal with the change in a positive way


In-company training 2 days / 16 hours


3200 euro

Number of participants:

6-20 persons


This course can be combined with a subsequent coaching.

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