Successfully Leading A Team

Course Description

Als iets werkt, doe er meer van. Als iets niet werkt, doe iets anders.

A good team leader is often the key to a successful team. Nobody is born a leader. And yet, many workers are “suddenly” thrust into leadership roles.

Often these people are struggling with their communication style; they find it difficult to give feedback, and to receive feedback.  This is in addition to the added responsibility and stress of their newly expanded role in relation to achieving the business’s objectives.

This training is an ideal base for young executives to be well prepared. New managers also get the chance to exchange experiences, and plenty of opportunities to learn from each other. They also get a set of tools with which they can use immediately in the workplace to develop invaluable leadership skills.

For whom:

First-line managers who want to learn the Skills of Leadership.  This training can also be delivered in-company, and will be tailored for your business’s needs.


At the end of this course, participants have a:
• Understanding of different leadership profiles
• Better view of their own abilities and weaknesses
• Understanding of team performance and communication leadership
• A structure to provide and to receive feedback
• Skills to provide coaching leadership


2 days and a half up day / 20 hours


Open session 695 euro
In-company session 3500 euro
Number of participants:
Open session: 10-20 persons
Location: nearby Eindhoven / Den Bosch
In-company: 6-14 persons


This training can be combined with a subsequent personal coaching.

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