What Suits Me?

Course Description

Wijs naar oplossingen ipv naar elkaar.

The success of new and existing teams consist to a large extent of how well individuals know each other, and recognize each other’s qualities. In business, too often we only know each other as that “I.T. person” or ”nurse section Z”.

How well do you know the people you have to work along side every day? We are all people with talents and preferences. In order to work successfully, it is important to know each other’s talents and interests. Also, the most successful change processes often start with team cohesion, or a positive ”vibe” between colleagues.

On the basis of each other’s stories and metaphors, participants learn throughout this workshop to develop a different view of themselves and their colleagues. This creates a stepping stone to better workplace understanding and cohesion.

Not to be forgotten, this playful group session is also a lot of fun!

For Whom:

For anyone wanting to learn more about personality traits in themselves, and others, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to be able to use this to work more effectively in a team environment.


At the end of the workshop participants will:
• Understand their own strengths, and preferences
• The ability to recognise the strengths and preferences of others
• Understanding the benefits and synergies of diversity in the workplace


Workshop 1 day / 8h


Open Session: 100 euros
In-Company; 1500 euros

Number of participants:

Open Session: 10-30 persons
In-Company: 10-30 persons


Can be used as part of team building sessions.